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Top 10 Resources (by Rating) -- with at least 10 votes
Rating# Votes Resource
10.0011Aerosaurus Balloons
10.0011Balloons over Britian
10.0012Burundaiavia airline helicopter services
10.0011Animal Forest Creations: Dobie & the Possum Twins
9.9644Target London Limited
9.9418Weddings in Santorini Island - Greece
9.93303The Silver Lining News
9.9010Astoundit Software
9.8910International Sanitary Trading Group
9.8910Software for Cambridge Exams in English

Top 10 Resources (by Votes) -- with at least 10 votes
Rating # Votes Resource
9.93303The Silver Lining News
9.2291Alpha Omega Free IQ Test Center
9.9644Target London Limited
9.6935Official Avenpitch Website
6.7334Cell Phone Hacks
9.8132Director General Films
9.8429Colorado Lawstars Home Page
9.6627bagse roland korg alesis akai midi synths


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